How can an ESAT (sheltered employement sector) deploy a learning organization within the framework of this institution ?

Our mission : to accompany and contribute to the structuration of this approach.

L’EPSMS Ar Goued, public social and medico-social institution

has chosen, for the past 15 years, to tend towards an approach of recognition of competences. Numerous actions have been undertaken (staff training, involvement in the « Different and Competent » movement, initiatives in the different services…). Their aim : to assert their commitment and include this initiative in a common project supported by this institution and it’s team of collaborators.

Following an encounter between the director Nicolas Bordet, and Sabrina Morisson concerning the project OSA, Learning with Origami and one year of discussion, we helped them to structure their thought and their commitment.

The proposed approach

logo représentation un banc de poisson avançant tous dans le même sens

8 professionals
A 3-day workshop

LOGO représentant un poisson lambda ayant peut-être des troubles invisibles

the ideas of each and everyone

LOGO représentant un poisson original avec des ailes et des mécanismes

their wishes and aims

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via a poster and face-to-face feedback

Idéographik, competences and tools to foster and structure ideas

Our mission during this accompaniment was :

  • To mobilise and federate the project group.
  • To establish participatory mapping, the stance of the supervising staff, the workers, the global organization with regard to the fulfilment of each and every one, the notion of apprenticeship in the work place, and the construction of a learning organization.
  • To imagine short, medium and long term actions.
  • To synthesise, render results and create a pilot group of professionals.
  • A 3-day workshop with 5 to 8 professionals.


  • A document providing feedback.
  • The launching of a group of external professionals in order to persue the accompaniment of the ESAT.
  • The realisation of a poster presenting the approach for the conference on professional didactics in Quebec last October 2019.

« One of the missions of a graphic designer is to assist the client, leading them to their own clarification.
In this way Ideographik encourages the valorisation of each person’s potential and fulfilment. »

Sabrina Morisson in charge of accompaniment for Idéographik Bretagne

A reflection led in close partnership with the ESAT professionals and director Nicolas Bordet.
photo d'une partie de l'équipe devant le poster récapitulatif de la démarche

Objectifs of the institution :
To further develop the skills and autonomy of people with disabilities in the work place.

  • the major challenge is to organize production in order that the skills of each person may evolve,
  • and consequently reconcile both economic and social aspects.
  • the indispensable condition is the involvement of all, both staff and workers.

3 days facilitated the following progression for the professionals :

  • First day: for the professionals the learning organization is a reflexion on the learning process.
  • Last day : for the professionals the learning organization at the ESAT les Mauriers is a collective strategy aiming to promote an accompanied training (apprenticeship) in order to develop the socio-professional fulfilment of the participants, as well as a daily reflection on our work organization.

« The learning organization is a ball in constant motion.
It is constantly evolving in order to ensure the fulfilment
and freedom of the workers in their choices. »

Gérard, Esat Les Mauriers


ESAT : sheltered employment institution

EPSMS : public social and medico-social institution

vignette du poster résumant les ateliers structuration de l'organisation apprenante

Autre partenaire de la démarche : Différents et compétents