plusieurs doubles pages adaptées en Falc

Is it feasible to adapt for easy reading and understanding the program of events « Culture for all », maintaining the present graphic design.

Our mission is to clarify and organize the information, to adjust the contrasts, while respecting the predefined graphic design.

« Culture for all » month in the Pays de la Loire region

From 12th – 20th december 2019
The Pays de la Loire region conjugates culture in the plural throughout the entire territory, by facilitating accessibility to 40 public spaces and performances for people with disabilities (PWDs) : sign language, audiodescription, easy to read and understand documents, vibrating jackets in order to feel the musique …

The proposed approach

la mise en page a été revue pour apporter une information mieux organisée, plus claire et explicatif autant que nécessaire

CLARIFYING the information
prioritising and explaining

Nous avons intégrer des cartes localisant les événements pour chaque département.

SUPPLEMENTING with a map, LOCALISING performances in each county.

La charte graphique existante a été parfaitement respecté. Le travail sur l'information a été intégré à cette charte.

in to existent graphic design

Mise en conformité FALC réalisé par l'associaiton Nous aussi Côtes d'ArmorVALIDATING
in conformity with
FALC « easy to read and understand » protocol.

Ideographik, our technical expertise, and taking into consideration the specific needs of the reader

Our solutions :

  • building a clear and confortable page layout
  • respecting and reintegrating the elements contained in the existent graphic design
  • reformulating the text
  • proposing an organisation and priorisation of the information
  • integrating the type of performance (cinema, danse …) written in full
  • creating maps which facilitate geolocalisation
  • explaining complex terms
  • obtaining FALC (easy to read and understand) approuval.
    Validation granted by the local delegation of Nous aussi 22.

a 24-page brochure (21×29,7 cm) in FALC and legible via vocal synthesis.

Partnership with Marina Guittois (coaching and consultation, touristic and cultural accessibility)

« Facilitating access for all, for me, means being more human, and putting one self in the place of others. »

As a professional in the domain of tourism or culture, Marina has been working since 2005 in the field of accessibility. She intervenes in numerous fields :

Tourism and cultural occupations
The associative, educational and periscolaire environment
The family environment

Learn about her career, her services and her well expressed sensitivity in detail on her web site.

« For us, this collaboration is a wonderful coming together of complementary and inseparable skills. This brochure offers all publics a document bringing together confort of reading and understanding, and esthetism.

Thanks also to Although unplanned at the outset of the project, the quality of their design (visual and technical) offered us the possibility to adapt the document in excellent conditions. »


manager for accessible communication for Idéographik Bretagne

récapitulatif de la commande

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