How can we make culture accessible to all, impartialy ?

Our mission : to create a booklet that is original and accessible for blind, visually challenged and sighted spectators.

Carré Magique, the national hub of circus art in Brittany

Carré Magique offers access to entertainement for visually impaired or blind people. In January 2020 for the first time in France, an audiodescription was conceived for the performance « Campana » of the circus Trottola. Carré Magique aims to immerge the spectator in the beauty of the performance by means of an audiodescription, a tactile visit, a large print description, braille and also a booklet that is esthetically pleasing and accessible to all.
Idéographik was called upon to lead the collective production of this booklet.

We were seduced by Idéographik’s approach. Integrating accessibility from the very conception of the communication supports, creating supports adapted to all : sighted, blind or visually impaired, impartialy. For this reason, we called upon Idéographik.”


Marianne Gauthier-Destable, communications manager of Carré Magique

The proposed approach

logo représentation un banc de poisson avançant tous dans le même sens

4 days of workshop and encounters

logo représentanbt un poisson avec des lunettes pleines et une canne blanche

10 testers at the branch Valentin Haüy

LOGO représentant un poisson original avec des ailes et des mécanismes

sensory esthetic with 14 students

logo représentant des poissons qui communiquent entre eux

ressources with other professionnals

Ideographik, our social, creative, and technical expertise.

For this challenging and stimulating project, Idéographik led 4 days of workshop with Carré Magique and the students and teachers of Savina High School, section DNMADE multimedia graphic design. The students considered :

  • esthetic and accessible design (large print text, braille, connected information systems)
  • original and indiscriminating graphique creation, pleasing to all : blind, visually impaired and sighted people. (visual sensation, contrast, tactile elements …)
  • the complete production of this item.

An 8-page brochure (20×20 cm) containing relief printing, braille and connected information was given to the 250 spectactors impartialy.


Savina High School (Tréguier)
web site

Embossed cover produced by Laville printer (Paris)

Booklet tested by the Valentin Haüy branch (Lannion)

Braille embossed by the ESAT la Rennaissance (Lille)

Audiodescription by Accès Culture

Booklet printed by Cloître printers (Saint-Thonan)

Planche résumant la démarche
L'ensemble des pages sont présentées.
Lannion Trégor Communauté parle de la démarche. Le texte sous format word est disponible par un lien ci-dessous

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